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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upskor?

Upskor is a beautifully designed, easy to use web application that provides online educational services. Our mission is to empower classrooms with today's technology and improve the teaching and learning experience for all.

What services do you offer?

Currently we offer platforms for automated quiz grading, course/classroom engagement tools, as well as a publishing platform for adaptive learning.

How do I register as an instructor?

We are currently doing controlled runs for a number of campuses but feel free to contact us if you are interested in signing up.

How do I register as a student?

To register as a student, you must first obtain a registration code for your course. Please check with your instructor regarding the availability of these codes. Once you've obtained one, go ahead and click on the "Sign Up" button on the front page and register yourself.

Do registration codes expire?

All registration codes are only valid for the one semester they are made available to students. If a registration code is not activated by the end of the semester, it will still expire at the end of the semester.

My registration code does not work, what should I do?

There is a high likelihood that your registration code was made for a past semester and thus have expired. You will need to acquire a new code. If you feel this is not the case, feel free to contact us.

I am trying to register for a class but Upskor says my email already exist, what should I do?

Please login to your existing account and click the "Add Class" button on your dashboard to add the new class.

I've already signed up but I can't login?

A majority of login problems are usually caused by two reasons.

Incorrect Email Address

Contact us with your student ID and let us know that you've forgotten what email address you signed up with. We'll try to find your account and reply back with you.

Incorrect Password

If you forgot your password, you can request to change your password.

I've forgotten my email address, what should I do?

Please contact us and inform us of your problem. Be sure to include important details such as your name, student id, instructor name, as well as your course & group information.

We will respond to your request promptly.

I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

Click on this link and enter your registered email address. An email with a link to reset your password will be sent to your inbox.

I would like to change my email address, how do I do that?

Click on your name on the top right

Enter your email address into the corresponding box in the form. After that click Change to save your changes.

I've selected the wrong class, what should I do?

Contact us and let us know which class you are from and which class you'd like to transfer to. We will respond to your request promptly.

I've keyed in an inaccurate student id, how do I fix it?

Click on your name on the top right.

Enter your student ID into the corresponding box in the form. After that click Change to save your changes.

How do I add a profile picture to my account?

To add a profile picture to your account, you would need to link your facebook account to Upskor.

Click on your name on the top right

Click "Connect With Facebook". Once you're connected, your profile picture will appear.

I don't see my test in the Tests tab, what should I do?

Refresh your browser and go to the test tab again. If there is still no test, click on the concluded button to make sure it hasn't already concluded.

If you still can't find it, you might be in the wrong class, or your instructor has not assigned the test yet. Verify with your classmates on the social feed.

I lost my internet connection whilst I was doing a quiz, what should I do?

Don't panic. You may re-enter your test at any time as long as you still have time left on your test.

In the unfortunate event where your time has run out, our hands are tied and it is up to your instructor to grant you extra time.

How do I check my score for a quiz?

You may check your score only after your instructor has graded the quiz.

If your instructor has already graded the quiz, you can go to the Concluded Tests tab to view the test by clicking the "View" button.

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